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Through the Shadows is a game based around a man that you play as who has been captured for his special ability. Your ability is a blink/flash (short ranged teleport) which enables you to get around walls and around corners you normally wouldn’t be able to. Stuck in a castle guarded by a lot of muscle your job is to escape the castle alive. Whilst escaping this castle you will have to navigate your way through multiple enemies in order to secure your freedom.

Key features:

  • -Blink ability which allows you to pass through walls.
  • -Smart AI that chase within their vision of you.
  • -Puzzle built maps, for the strategists.

Release of the Alpha: 2-/06/2014

Release date of the complete game is late next year on PC, iOS, Android as a Free to Play.


Windows 7 or higher.



1080x1920 Monitor Resolutions

Speakers or Headphones

Contact information:



I’m Ambrose Challies, currently studying at Media Design School. I am in my first year studying a Bachelor of Creative technologies (Game Art). This is my first project (“Through the Shadows”) as a game developer and with the knowledge developed from creating the Alpha of “Through the Shadows” I plan to develop it further. I also plan to develop my other ideas into games so look forward to more activity in the future.

Install instructions

Click the .exe file.


Through the Shadows.exe 10 MB